10 captivating things you didn’t know about Barcelona

10 captivating things you didn't know about Barcelona

If you are thinking of organizing your next incentive trip for your company in Spain, you’re interested in discovering more about Barcelona. Everyday more companies choose Spain or Portugal for their business trips and to get a unique and different experience, you must know everything that each city offers you.

Now you’ll discover ten captivating things you didn’t know about Barcelona.

  1. It’s not only about Gaudí…

Some artists have been totally eclipsed by Gaudí. For example, the architect Josep Maria Jujol was Gaudí’s design partner and did amazing creations in Barcelona.

  1. It’s filled with treasures.

Barcelona has 9 must-see world heritage sites.

  1. The most important towers of the city are made of human.

The Catalan tradition of ‘building’ human is something that you need to see once in your life!.

  1. Its most famous monument took longer to build than the Egyptian pyramids.

La Sagrada Familia is in progress for around 200 years! It’s more than Egypt’s Pyramid of Giza (20 years), India’s Taj Mahal (21 years) and Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral (182 years)

  1. It should have been home to the Eiffel Tower.

Gustave Eiffel originally intended his famous tower to be built in Barcelona, but the radical design was deemed too unsightly for the city – so he had to pitch his idea elsewhere.


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  1. It’s one of the greenest cities in Europe.

There are 68 parks in total, and Montjuic Park in central Barcelona is the biggest in Spain, measuring 203 hectares.

  1. And there’s even a park for cats.

The “Jardinet dels Gats” is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care and protection of stray and abandoned cats, in order to improve their quality of life.

  1. The beaches of Barcelona are all new.

The beaches did not exist until 1992, when they were built for the Summer Olympics.

  1. It has the most animated street of Spain.

The main street for shopping in Barcelona «Portal de l’angel» sees 3,500 pedestrians per hour! Making it the busiest street in Spain.

  1. The city hides underground places.

During the war Spanish had built a city under barcelona. You can visit this tunnel of more than 400 meters including a hospital, playground for children, etc.


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