Do you need a DMC??

The role of the DMC in the MICE industry and why you should consult always a DMC for any type of event.

Local knowledge and expertise are  the main advantages of using a DMC as Presstour, particularly when it comes to relationships, culture and language capability. If you lack  the knowledge of a destination, it’s crucial to work with a good and trusted DMC. Furthermore, contingency planning, insurance, liability and risk assessment are reasons to do it. We have crisis management and escalation processes as part of our standard operating procedures, an approach which can resolve unpredicted situations at large events.

The actual evolving concept for us is to became event agency, noting that we are now able to also fulfil the organizational part; for example, adding now corporate accommodation commissions as part of our new strategies to grow, as well as opening production and creativity divisions to add long-term stability to the life cycle.

Grow from the  traditional DMC business model is a must. We play a vital role of support and local knowledge in the destination. We are now more proactive and creative to make sure that our team of experts knows what is  new and trending in the area. When you find how we work you will see that we are an extension of your team on the ground, providing all the services from the event concept, developing the project, logistics, production, etc.

We keep using the word ‘knowledge’. Something that  we provide is knowledge of what’s available on the ground, at the destination, but also the local contacts, and that relates to not only what we know, but also who we know that gives you access to things you cannot reach by yourself.

We have upcoming challenges because the average age of clients in the meetings industry is becoming younger, this new target audience is increasingly using the web for research. With their research they can access venues, activities, destinations and have the contact online. However by our recent experience with a couple of events that we organize we were contacted when venues were decided because of the language barrier, the contacts to organize the site inspection, the decoration, the creativity to set up the WOW factors for dinners, the sponsors items, etc.

People love to be in control, but if something goes wrong, the person having this control will have to deal with the problem. Using a DMC is similar to having an insurance policy for your car. The moment you need to repair the car, you realize that the insurance policy is the best thing you ever bought. But until you need it, until anything goes wrong and until you need to call on the real advantages you don’t see the full benefits.

Most of the time, we offer what the client doesn’t see, and to a large extent it’s a safety blanket.

I like to tell a short story about an event for which we were only contracted for production and logistic and hat our client hadn’t noticed that in the plenary auditorium there were NO tables and being a tech event the 900 participants needed to use their laptops. So they called us 1 day before and we found the solution. On the 1st day of the meeting we had an 900 IKEA lap table with a sticker with event logo, one per chair, that was also used as a corporate gift.

So what do you get by working with us:

  • • Deep Knowledge of the destination
  • • Expertise
  • • Contacts
  • • Transparency in commissions and handling fees
  • • Problem solving
  • • Safety
  • • Trust
  • • Extended team on the ground
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