Travel and Events

Experienced team

The team has two very strong profiles, key points for knowing exactly what the client needs. We are very passionate about logistics and control.

Experts in Incentives Trips

Pioneers in the sector, with knowledge on the destination, and capacity to organize from small individual incentives to events with more than 1000 guests.

Events specialists

A team created from the demands of the clients, which may go from internal meetings to any kind of event that needs creativity.

There are no limits

The combination of these two teams with other areas in Presstour makes us capable of organizing any kind of event, anywhere in the world.

Integrating value

A global service, innovative, creative and high quality.

A unique spokesperson to coordinate the design and development of the event, supported by our creatives and the logistic control of our technical secretary, can manage all the itinerary of the attendees from the moment they step out their homes door until they go back, without the need of third parties involved.
Betting on offering quality web services, as well as audio, photography and video production with a careful design line, all developed by our creative department and supported by the best suppliers in the market that form a team with Presstour after years of close collaboration, end up giving the best result, where you as a client can forget about the gear and dedicate yourself to what you decide.

Incentive trips

We want to motivate you, recognize your hard work and give you all you deserve.

For it, we will create unforgettable experiences that will remain forever in your memory.
In Presstour we know the demands and how to help you to obtain the objectives you need. Knowing and understanding the main purpose of the incentive trip, and how to transform it into a tool to score the aims of the company, as increasing the company sales or motivating the workers as key points of the organization.
We analyze your necessities and work with the resources we can count on, to garner the best advantage that could not be possible with an individual trip. This is the key to us.

Congress and Conventions

We will plan even the last detail of that internal meeting that is so hard to handle.

Our agents will take control in every process so you do not have to involve during the data collect and reservation management, but you will always have all the information available.
With only one spokesperson, you will coordinate all the suppliers that gather in an event of these characteristics, giving you the time to concentrate in what you believe is most important for the event, having a Backoffice partner in which you can rely on.

More services

Training sessions

The professional development of the workers and clients of your business is a core part of your success. In Presstour we are specialized in the coordination and execution of training sessions. Based on a call center in-house, we will give you accurate reports on our daily work.

Incentive Campaign

Not only travelling! Any incentive element will be managed in the best way for you to boost your sales or motivate your workers by developing apps or webpages, so you do not have to worry on any logistics or even the daily campaign work.

Corporative events

Here you will see a brief photographic description of the corporative events
that Presstour has carried out!


Contact person

Francisco Lara Ruibal



+34 914 230 015