Event Branding Opportunities

Event Branding Opportunities

Events and branding: looking for cool ideas to give real visibility to your brand?

Here is a small list of hundreds of options we can provide you:

Branded coffee cart: probably one of the most desired moments during a conference is the coffee break, and this time is a great opportunity to let potential clients get to know your company. Some vinyl and good food, people will remember you for sure!


Keeping up foodwise, we have so many more options… The first one we propose you is momentary, a stand with delicious freshly made smoothies to have during the break. The second is long-lasting, a gift for the clients to take back home: a personalized bottle opener with your logo.


Table soccer: a stand is practical, you could say it is the basic way to present yourself to potential clients. But let’s face it… your company is not basic! So, what can you do to change it? How about having them play a game? Give a special touch with plenty of fun!


Imagine the following situation: you are abroad at a conference, have had many calls and mails and expect even more throughout the day, your phone is dying and you need to charge it ASAP, but you do not have the time to plug it in a wall socket and wait until is charged… relatable right? Well, not any more: install a personalized charging unit with your logo all over it and security lockers, so the phones are safe while charging.


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