Go Green! Sustainable trends in the event world

o Green! Sustainable trends in the event world.

Most event professionals these days have a personal interest in reducing the environmental impact of their events. Sustainable practices will help save natural resources.
Let’s discover what are the new sustainable technologies in events:


This pencil is original and surprising: What if instead of throwing your pencil stubs away you could plant them and have them grow into something delicious, beautiful, and fun?  What if pencils could grow? Imagine if a simple pencil could help contribute to the environment?
The pencil contains a capsule of seeds at its end, after use, when the pencil becomes too short, it is enough to plant the pencil in the ground, add water and you will have the choice to sprout into a wonderful flower, herb, or vegetable.



If you think you know everything about how different beer pumps work, you’ll be amazed by this one: the machine is filling from down! The glass is reusable, washable like a traditional cup, to stop using disposable plastic glasses. This machine can serve 44 fresh beers in one minute without spilling a single drop! It’s innovative, fast and environmentally friendly.



Use recyclable display products which are made from cardboard 100{68a3985c4f689bbaf428d2096cc4205c302b48f90be2144b7c91eadf8e5598ac} recyclable. Saving you money AND the planet. Nowadays it exists exhibition stands designed and built are truly sustainable exhibiting solutions because they are modular and reusable. This means that the stands can be reconfigured and reused again and again, at different shows for different stand space, and over many years.

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