I’m sorry, “No hablo español”, sounds familiar?: Translation apps

I'm sorry, “No hablo español” – sounds familiar?: Translation apps

An event or incentive in a foreign country gives that special touch that your attendees want: some days outside their house with new experiences, discovering a new culture, new food and, of course… new languages.

It is not only about walking in the street and not understanding what locals talk about, this situation can be a big barrier when it comes to having foreign host or an invited guest in the stage.

We must assume that in international conferences, not everyone will speak the same language.

At this point, there is only one thing we can do about the situation, the perfect (and only) solution: translation.

And when everything seems to be solved, we find a new wall: is there enough space in the conference room to build a temporary translation booth? And it’s not only the booth itself, but all that it may imply: translators for two or more languages (each one with individual booths), the structure, microphones, receptors for the attendees, signal for transmission, cables, technicians…

It is more complicated than it seemed at first, right?

Fortunately, the aim of this article is not to put you down and decide to not having a conference outside your country. Just the way round, we’d like to present you some alternatives: translation apps.

You will only need that your attendees have smartphones (but, let’s face it, who doesn’t in 2018), headphones (and, if you’re thinking about how you always forget them, do not worry, you can also rent some to hand them out) and good Wi-Fi speed.

So, how does it work? The first thing to do should be to know the languages into which you need translation: English-Spanish, Portuguese-English, Czech-Spanish…

In a mail, or even during the inscription process, you can advise the attendees to downloads the app and let them know how to proceed: on the day of the event they will have free Wi-Fi to connect to and enter the app. Once inside, they will have to enter a name (for example, the congress name) and choose the language they would like to be translated to.

That’s it, no booths or cables.

The translation is done in situ, with official translators that do not need to be present in the conference, just to hear what the speaker says.

Sounds great, right? Let us help you with your conference through technology!

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