Want to see how a big event is born?

Let’s talk about differences. Or in this case, the different perception between what you as a client, and us as DMC, may see.
The client sees the final result: the construction, the fireworks and the champagne.
What we see is a different story: we are behind the structure holding the construction, we light the fireworks and uncork the champagne.
We are there for you from the start, from the basic idea of the event, to its planification and logistics, and will also be there when the lights switch off and the music is over.
It is a very basic idea, easy to imagine, but for us is what we do, what we are. And we are conscious these are only words. We want you to picture the whole frame, see what we see, and understand why we love what we do.

In this video, you will see why we create smiles!

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