We are proud to have been the partner for ICMA 50TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE in Madrid

We are proud to have worked with International Capital Market Association for their 50th Annual Conference, held in Madrid last May. As a local partner, we can say that this conference has been one of the most fulfilling events we have created this 2018!

The conference itself was divided into four main events: first, the Conference at the Meliá Castilla hotel plus the exhibition area; then the Welcome Dinner at the Prado Museum; and finally, the Gala Dinner at the Cibeles Crystal Gallery.

The Conference

39 stands in the exhibition area, corporative gifts, even a table soccer! Everything was possible!

A fascinating conference in which people from all over the world were able to share their knowledge in the financial field.

For 2 days, the meeting rooms’s floor was filled with movement, from the stands area to the Auditorium, to the restaurants and back again.

Prado Museum

Did you know that one of the most well-known museums in the world can be part of your event?

Once the doors are closed to the public, this astonishing building can be privatised for a very special (and elegant) cocktail dinner.

The Welcome Dinner started with a private guided tour through the main rooms of the museum: Goya, Velázquez, El Bosco… their masterpieces without queues.

After the tour, the cocktail began from the lobby entrance to Muses room: live music with Spanish guitars and a string quartet, and even a live stream speech from the ICMA Executive Chief.

Cibeles Crystal Gallery

This last dinner wasn’t just about the food, it was the cherry on top of the cake that all events should have.

Food stations in the building with the traditional cuisine of each Spanish region, 12 shows throughout the whole night, including Flamenco dancers in 4 stages, rumba catalana, folklore, Castellers, etc.

We recreated an Andalusian Feria in which all guests felt the real Spanish spirit.

At their arrival, they were given different gifts: cordobés hats, castañuelas and our typical flower: claveles; and after the shows, Mahden band and confetti shots were the protagonists for closing this magnificent evening.

We would like to share our deepest gratitude to ICMA for giving us this wonderful opportunity to work with them.

Now see the video here:

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