What’s the difference between an event and an EVENT?

Presstour - What’s the difference between an event and an EVENT?

What’s the difference between an event and an EVENT?

We know for a fact that when you read this intro, the voice inside your head gave a different intonation to the same word.

With time, you get used to seeing the same in every event, it ends up being a bit plain, which turns out in the loss of interest of the attendees.

So, what is the best way for this not to happen? You’ve guessed it: creativity.

Make it different from the start, and for this we do not mean by the time the attendees arrive to the destinations airport, but much before this happens.

It is about planning every detail, from the moment that you decide you want to have an event.

For example, create a persona, a mascot, something that exists only for your company or even only for that specific event, and build the rest around it.

Present it to the employees or attendees, let it appear in the invitation or the website of the event, give him, her or it some characteristics that everyone can recognize (the red hair is because the company logo is the same color, a surfer style because they are going to the beach…), something that people will automatically connect to your company.

You can even engage the clients with a simple game! Send a small representation of the mascot to every guest and start a competition: the best picture with the mascot will be given a reward during the gala dinner, or maybe a name contest: the group that comes up with the best name for the mascot will receive a spa treatment… there are so many options!

The invitation, the website design, all of these is part of the branding of your event.

And how to integrate it once the clients arrive to their destination?

The small details are everything, and they can be anywhere:

During the check in, you can have a real size foam shape of the mascot – everyone will want to take a picture! And you can take it to the Gala Dinner as a Photocall. In each room you can integrate a welcome card written by your creative friend, explaining the schedule during the dates they will be staying, or maybe a personalized T-Shirt with the face of it that the clients will have to wear during the activities; small gifts that attendees can take back home so even when they come back to the daily routine, they will have a souvenir of one of the best events they’ve ever been in!

As an example, here is Pepe, this is the mascot of one of your clients for their annual summer event. He’s the face of the event, when Pepe arrives to your mail, you know what’s about to come. Each year he changes a bit, his beard, hair, clothes and style adapt to the trends, making him more dynamic and capturing the interest of the invited guests.



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