Why robots are the next best thing for events?

Why robots are the next best thing for events?

Interacting with a robot is not a common thing we do on a daily basis. It raises people’s curiosity and educates them while making your event original, fun and engaging, enriching customer experience and showing that the company is on top of new technologies. Being innovative can gain you and your brand visibility both inside the community and with the media as robots have always been attention grabbing.

Here are some key points that make robots the best way to entertain your guests at your event:
  1. A brand new way of engaging with customers and attendees around the event. Robots can be situated in different strategic points to boost retail space and revolutionize customer experience: a hospitality robot will welcome guests while another will animate the venue and entertain them.
  2. Easily customizable for brand activation purposes or themed events, robots can be fitted to your company’s culture from software to hardware.
  3. Mobile Telepresence. Are some attendees or important management staff not able to make the event? No problem! With Double Robotics, they are able to attend without physically being there. Just hop on skype, attach a tablet onto the dolly and you can start roving around the venue.
  4. Help attendees browse catalogues, brochures, multimedia presentations of the event or exhibitors. Your new host can also give directions and guide guests around, using interactive mapping!
  5. Through their cameras and interactive displays, they can help you gather customer information, scan QR or barcodes and create databases. Moreover, they can help speed up the registration process during conferences and ticketing for expo and trade events!
  6. Make your event memorable with RobotBooth! RobotBooth was designed to reflect quality, and it certainly does! Using an algorithm for the software, RobotBooth is able to adjust lighting aspects and other photography techniques to create stunning pictures. You won’t need to worry about getting the perfect angle or lighting anymore! Plus, you get unlimited pictures as souvenirs.
Need more proofs that robots will revolutionize your event?


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